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Education Funding

College tuition only continues to rise and can be a financial burden; that’s why National Wealth Network is here to help guide you through this financial investment. Higher education is a hefty price, but with a proper financial strategy and practical wealth management guidance, it is an expense that can be planned for. Whether you are preparing to send one child to college or multiple, we can help you begin saving for college funding now. Our goal is to help you assess funding options, determine education expenses, and create a strategy customized to your education goals.

Custodian Accounts

Anyone can contribute regardless of income, and there are no contribution limits. However, there is an annual federal gift tax exclusion.

529 Plans

Anyone who plans to attend elementary, secondary, and college can benefit from a 529 plan. The account owner, not the beneficiary, controls the account and makes all the investment decisions. If the beneficiary decides not to attend college, the owner can generally change the beneficiary to another family member. Grandmas, Grandpas, family friends, parents …. anyone can contribute to a 5929 plan. The 529’s earnings accumulate tax-free, and withdrawals are federal income tax tree and penalty-free if they are used for qualified education expenses at an eligible educational institution.

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